Behold The Key

by Zan

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alburrito I've been looking for an album like this for a while. Fast, mathy, techy, but most importantly it feels damn MEAN and the songs have HOOKS. I paid for this because I want more. Favorite track: Stuck Pig.
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Stuck Pig 04:17
STUCK PIG Gauze pads and makeshift tourniquets Apply pressure Cauterization My imminent exsanguination Hemophilia I wouldn't be so weak Always an inch away from death If my blood coagulated
His Own Good 03:34
HIS OWN GOOD So we found these drawings disturbing This one depicts a murder This one depicts a rape Has your son been exhibiting Peculiar behavior as of late My son may be a little different But doesn't he get straight A's Before you judge him on his artwork Why don't you judge him on his grades So we found these writings troubling That kid belongs in a hospital And observed by a professional Who am I to stifle the next Stephen King Who am I to stifle the next Clive Barker Who am I to stifle the next Wes Craven Maybe the next John Carpenter
8 to Occult 02:52
8 to OCCULT This place has an evil presence Since we used that Ouija board I hear voices beckon me in to the shadows I'm afraid we have opened a conduit For demons and dark spirits There must be an ancient trick For cleansing and banishment With a stick of incense lit Round the room in widdershins Wait until the waning moon Repeat the word in Sanskrit This place exudes malevolence Opened up a cosmic door I feel forces threaten The ending of my soul For what's invoked Pray gone once spoke Sananda Vinasa Sananda vibrated 10-fold Vinasa vibrated 9 (Must be an ancient trick, cleansing and banishment, a stick of incense lit, round the room in widdershins) Joy and Love you are no more Run Can't be undone There's no hindrance for Where this thing came from It's all fun and games Till the beast consumes you
WEDDING GAZEBO PLACEBO Go figure Par for the course I'll always fall for someone Like I'll always catch a cold And when recovering There's no difference in both No expectations no disappointment Expect the worst and get the best Expect best get the worst Expect the worst dinosaur All the abuse of substance Is a substitution For a hopelessly romanticized Addiction to love There's no way to Manufacture this emotion But the thing is you can always Buy more drugs
Killjoy 03:00
KILLJOY Analyze it till it means nothing Critique it till it's worthless Then itemize the ways It could have been made perfect Examine all of the flaws Lay them out on the table Investigate their causes And assign each a label Dismantle it now Take it all apart Just to fix what wasn't broken The sum of all the differences Extrapolating quotients Dismantle and put it in a polyethylene tub Soak it in your hydrofluoric acid till there's absolutely nothing to speak of
HOUSE OF SPLENDOR I could have counted every single blade of grass Cartographed every leaf Images magnifying in multiples of four I am seeing through the eyes of the great creator All of this matters not Enjoy this house of splendor The stained glass mirrors A home, a church, a religion Embrace your fear Just let go Abandon yourself Abandon your own ego Become one with the cosmos
Eyeroll 02:54
EYEROLL The way you're talking Things like plumbing and electricity Are pop culture A body of words picked apart By a semantic vulture That can’t even patiently wait For the sentence to die How does it relate to the Rights of a female Where do I rate on a Meyers Briggs scale I will not be tested or psychoanalyzed I saved all your donations of two cents Placed my bet dollars to donuts That your ideals have holes on the middle These are straight forward questions And I ain't talking in riddles And since you have no solid answer To my query I have to take your gospel as theory I put a fan at the end Of your hall of mirrors Logic smashed every reflection As the smoke cleared Lacerated hands picking up the shards Now the blood's on them I'm taking my fan to your house of cards
Not It 04:02
NOT IT Spin around in a circle till the music stops Stop, sit down If you're left standing you are out Take a chair with you Spin, Spin the bottle A roulette of STDs 7 minutes in a closet The only heaven that we'll see Duck duck goose Extortion of tigers for fifty dollars daily Left us with nothing to show But maybe a cupboard full Of empty bubblegum dishes Dirty dish rags on our toes Not picked according to Other mothers' standards When we couldn't even live up to our own Things like competition and ostracization Learned from games that we all played in the home. My mom and your mom were out hanging clothes My mom socked your mom right square in the nose What color was the blood??
The Key 02:55
THE KEY Behold the key to universe Vortex mathematics 3,6,9 a symmetry divine All and nothing Vacuum singularity Behold the key


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released March 27, 2020

Recorded and edited by Chase McClendon. Mixed and mastered by Dave Otero of Flatline Audio. Art by Silvio Vieira. Graphic Design by Jason Turner. Produced by Zan. Executive Producer: Scott Rozell.


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Zan Richland, Washington

Zan is an American metal band founded by members Ace Michel (vocals), David Huber (guitar) and Jason Turner (drums) in the year 2000. Ryan Johnson (bass) joined in 2013.

Over Zan's near 20 year life span, the song writing style of the band has progressed from traditional metal to an more technical, poly-rhythmic, "mathy" approach.
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