Cerebral Arrhythmia

by Zan

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released 09 May 2012



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Zan Richland, Washington

In the year 2000, founding members Ace Michel (vocals), David Huber (guitar) and Jason Turner (drums) started a new band, which would eventually come to be known as ZAN. Chase McClendon (guitar) joined the band in 2010, followed by Ryan Johnson (bass) in 2013. ... more

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Track Name: Ignoramus

The box of rocks has outwitted you again
You're the black crayon
Does your shit come from a hole in the ground
Or do you dig an ass to bury your head in shame
A head in an ass for a permanent stay
Not enough whetstones for all these blades
If what you don't know doesn't hurt you
You've never felt pain

Between you and me and the gatepost
I might as well be Einstein
Cerebral history without an Edison
No lightbulb shines

What year was the battle of 1812
And on what day is the 4th of July held

Spock would get nothin out of a Vulcan mind meld
Put lenses in your ears and I've got myself a telescope
One size fits all on the tag of the cone cap

You're stuck in a paper bag and need a map
There's an infant in the titty bar
Track Name: Momentous Taxidermy

This slumberous spectacle I'm straddled upon
Must remain timeless and submerged in bronze
Sealed in a time capsule it's corpse mummified
A moment preserved an instant immortalized

Grinning cutting ear to ear
A jolt from your body awakening to the climax of fear

A token of my affection a necklace is bled
Biting down on it a new mouth slobbering red

How many pounds of cure have I made
With these ounces of prevention

Consummate this union
Culminated fission

Another glass figurine is placed in the menagerie
To add to my impressive collection

Speaking in sputters and coughs
Sweet nothings and moans to my twisted thought
Consummate this union
Before too much blood is lost
Culminated fission before the heart stops
Track Name: Lecherous

Old enough to pee
Old enough for me
If there's grass on the field play ball

Paper cuts framed in wisps of cotton candy

That could be your sister
That could be your niece
That could be your daughter

It's the hormones in the beef
Come over here and sit on grandfather's lap

Look but don't touch
You're only 15 going on 33
Track Name: Punintentional

I'm a set-up and I'm a punchline
I knock and you find out I'm the other side
I'm the difference between something and a human being
I'm what you get when you cross two things
I'm three ethnicities walking into a bar
I'm three dead nuns at the gates of St. Peter

Stop me if you've heard this one

Do you get it
The first day of April
Do you get it
A real knee slapper

Do you get it
It's funny isn't it
Track Name: Eventual Inevitability

None of you are up to any good
There's not a single good intention
To be had among you all

You're plotting against me

If my trust is based on how far I can throw you
I can hardly pick you up

Keep your head on a swivel
Sit with your back to the wall

I am a tumor, I am a cog
Fueling the fire and piling the logs
Takes one to know one
A simeon
Savage apes with opposable thumbs

War disease greed pollution
Gone the way of the dodo
Way of the dinosaur

In my time I've noticed a steady decline
Track Name: Marrionette

Why must we be subject to a tyrannical child
Playing with his manifestations

Pay no attention to men behind curtains

Odessa Antioch Tripoli Jerusalem
Conquer the holy land pillage rape and plunder
His will is done abortion clinic bombed again
Find it's clients and execute the mothers

The human desires faith
Liken to hunger liken to thirst

Appendages tied with strings on a crucifix
So now tell me how symbolic can you get

An ant inside it's ant farm
A fish in it's aquarium
A lab rat in a maze hunting for cheese
A hamster on it's wheel

Where we go when we die
Answers to where we come from
How to live while we're here
A stone to snuff all the birds

I have had more religious experiences
With sex and LSD
But most of all psilocybin
Track Name: Uncle Gander

Row that boat

Pinched myself to find I'm capsizing in the deep
A Peep minus her sheep
These walls are tall for clumsy eggs
I'm feeling like a spider with five legs
Crawling up the water spout during a rainstorm

Put my whole self in put my whole self out
I am shaking and it would take a miracle
To turn myself around

So what kind of sick ass Midas satire is this
When everything you touch turns to shit

Like a mach speed man of gingerbread
The tortoise beat the hare instead
In this veritable horn of plenty
I consider the glass half empty
We're all chugging mugs of ice-cold grief
But I've got sensitive teeth and that's the last straw
The one that broke the camel's back
The ones I'm grasping at
The ones the first little piggy used to build his home
By the hair on his chinny chin chin
His amenities surround him
Rebuild with stick not ready for brick
Cuz I'm a few short of a load
Wearing the emperor's new clothes